A resume is an initial impression that you give to the recruiter and it is a very critical step as generally any employer will spend around 25 to 30 seconds scanning your resume. A resume should be a perfect depiction of your skills, talents, and achievements. If you are looking for a perfect guide to help you frame an immaculate resume for your next job application, you have landed on the right article. We have thoroughly researched and have jotted down important tips and tricks that will prove to be great in creating a perfect resume

 1) Start From The Basic

Your contact information is the first thing that any recruiter or any recruiting agency will notice on your resume. Display each information accurately and consistently all across your resume. Use a name that has been mentioned in every document. Use an email address that is dedicated to only your job-related emails and notifications. Your contact number should be active and make sure to not goof up with the numbers.

 2) Make Your Online Presence Felt

In today’s day and age even before calling recruiters to look out for your online profile and so make sure to include the link of your LinkedIn profile and keep your profile updated at all times. As an additional step and make your resume stand out include the links of your online work for example any website or blog. If you have experience in digital marketing and social media, you can also include the links to social media.

3) Previous Job Descriptions

Taking ideas and inspirations from the content and inspiration from others’ perspectives is both time-saving and necessary for getting a fresh outlook. Do your research and look out for similar content on the internet. It is advisable to gather relevant information with respect to the job profile that you are applying for.

4) Professional Experiences

Your resume highlights your previous job descriptions and it should be in sync with the current profile that you are applying for. This will give the recruiter an idea about the type of work that you have done and how can you help the future employer as an asset to their organization.

Your professional experience section should have the following points:

  1. a) Company Name
  2. b) The Title of Your Job
  3. c) Detailed Description Of Your Job
  4. d) Achievements

5) Enlist Your Technical Skills And Achievements

Having a post-graduate degree and work experience is not sufficient enough in today’s cutthroat competition age. You can include your proficiency in languages, specialized tools, computer languages, and any other certification course that you have appeared for. This will not only improve your resume but will also show your personality that you are always willing to learn and are looking forward to new opportunities in challenges.

Make your resume a testament to your achievements and talents. We hope this article helps you in creating a perfect resume that can get you the best opportunities.